Parc Broekhuizen values your privacy and is dedicated to protect your privacy. Therefore we only process data that we require for (improvement of) our service and we are dedicated to handle the data, that we of yourself and the services that you have used with us, with great care. We will not forward your data to others/third parties for commercial usage unless specified below.

Our privacy policy applies to the usage of our website and the there to related services that are offered within Parc Broekhuizen. The starting date or our policy and requirements is 25 May 2018 and with the publishing of this policy all previous versions expired.

This privacy policy describes which data of yourself is collected by us, for what purpose this date is being used, with whom and under which conditionals this data might be shared with third parties. In this policy we also explain how we save your data and how we protect your data against abuse and which rights you have in relation to the data that you have provided us.

In case you have questions on our privacy policy, please contact our contract person for GDPR matters. You will find the contact details and the bottom of our policy.


Below you can read in which way we will process your data, where we save this (or have this done for us), how we have organised the security of this and who has access to this data.

Personal data that we process
Parc Broekhuizen processed your personal data when you make use of our services and/or because you provide us with your data yourself.

Below you will find an overview of the data that we process:

Personal data:
– First name and family name
– Gender
– Date of birth
– Address
– Telephone number
– E-mail address
– Info on your location

Automatically collected data:
– Data on your activities on our website
– Data on how you surf our website(s)

– Internet browser and type of equipment that your use

Special and/or sensitive personal data:
We do not process special and/or sensitive personal data.Our website and/or provides service is not intended to collect data that are younger than 16 years of age unless there is specific approval of a parent or legal guardian. We cannot check whether or not a person visiting our website is above 16 years of age. Therefore we advise parents to carefully monitor the online activities of their children to prevent that data is collected without their specific knowledge and approval. In case that you are convinced that we collect personal data of a person below 16 years of age without approval of a parent or legal guardian, please contact us at info@parcbroekhuizen.nl so we can check this and if needed can remove this data immediately.

Automated processes
Parc Broekhuizen does not take decisions on issues that may have (large) impact on persons based on automated processing of data. This includes decisions that are taken by computer programs or systems without human intervention.


General purpose of data processing
We will only make use of your data if needed for us being able to provide our service. That means that the purpose of processing of data is done in direct connection to the order or request that you give us. We do not make use of your data for (direct) marketing purposes except mentioned in this statement. In case you share data with us and we make use of this data at a later stage , and in a different way than you requested us to prior, we will firstly ask your specific approval for this. Your data will not be shared with others, except for usage in accounting issues and for other administrative or legal obligations. These third parties are all obliged to confidentiality on the basis of the agreement between them and us or by oath or legal requirements.

Parc Broekhuizen collects and processes data for the following purposes:
– The issuing of your or our payments

– Sending of our newsletter and/or offers.

– To be able to contact you by phone or email if needed to be able to provide

our services
– To be able to inform you on changes in our services and/or products

– To be able to deliver items or goods with you.

– Parc Broekhuizen analyses our behaviour on the website to be able to

improve the website and to be able to direct you to our offers and services

as per your preferences.

– Parc Broekhuizen also processes your data based on legal requirements e.g.

information that is needed your our tax return.


Period of keeping your personal data

Parc Broekhuizen saves your data as long as you are a guest or client with us. This means that we will keep your data until the moment that your inform us that you no longer want to make use of our services. Based on applicable legal requirements we have to keep e.g. invoices including your (personal) data. We will do so for the period that is required. Parc Broekhuizen will not keep your data any longer than specifically required for the purposes that were set for the collection of your data.Data that is automatically collected by our website will be processed with the intention to improve our services further. This data (e.g. your IP-address, web browser, and processing systems) is not considered as personal data.


Parc Broekhuizen does not sell data to others. Companies that we work with and that process your data on our request, are companies that are known to us and that we have agreements with including specific agreements to make sure that they treat your data at the required level of security and confidentiality. Parc Broekhuizen will remain responsible for these processes.

We send our e-mail newsletters via MailChimp. MailChimp will not use your name or e-mail address for their own purposes. At the bottom of each email, that is automatically send via our website is sent you will find a link ‘unsubscribe’. When you use this link, we will no longer send you our newsletter. Your personal data are saved in a secure way by MailChimp. MailChimp makes use of cookies and other internet technology that provide us with insights on whether emails are being opened an read. MailChimp reserves the right to make use of your data to improve their services and with that to share data with third parties.

To process (a part) of the payments via our web shop, we make use of iDEAL via the ING Bank. iDEAL (via ING) will process your name, address including place of residence, your payment details like bank account and/or credit card number. iDEAL (via ING) had taken technical and and organisational measurements to protect your data. iDEAL (via ING) reserves the right to use data to improve their services and may share (anonymous) data with third parties. In case of a request for a delayed payment (credit facility), iDEAL (via ING) will share data of your financial situation with credit companies. All the above mentioned security measurements and actions to protect your personal data are also applicable to parts of iDEAL (via ING) services for which they make use of third parties. iDEAL (via ING) will not keep your data longer than is allowed based on legal terms.

When you make a reservation in our restaurant, via the website, this is being handled by Seat Me. With Seat Me we have an agreement to make sure that the security and confidentiality is guaranteed at the same level as we organise this ourselves as described above.

We collect reviews via various platforms. In case that you leave a review than you are requested to fill in our place of residence and email address. Our review partners share this information with us so that we can link the review with our restaurant or hotel bookings and to be able to use your input to improve our services. It may occur that Parc Broekhuizen is requested and has to share your information in relation to a tax related or criminal investigation from the government. If this occurs we will be forced to share your data although we will try to avoid this as far this is allowed within legal boundaries.

Cookies and comparable technics

Parc Broekhuizen makes use of functional, analytical and tracking cookies.

By visiting our website, you automatically agree with our usage of cookies. A cookie is a small text file that we automatically send to your computer as soon as you visit our website. We do this to be able to share as relevant information with you as possible. These cookies will for example make sure that you, when visiting our website, do not see the same info each time or have to fill in the same info each time. Almost all browsers can be programmed to not accept cookies or to notify you in case a cookie is send to you. Most website, including our website, will not function well in case that you switch of the usage of cookies.

Via our website cookies are placed of the American company Google as part of their analytical service. We make use of this service to be able to see and pull reports giving insights in which way visitors make use of our website. This process may also be compulsory to be executed by current legal obligations. We collect information on how you surf on our website and share this info with Google. Google can make use of this info, together with other datasets, to be able to interpret this behaviour and follow activities on the internet. Google makes use of this to be able to (e.g.) send selected advertisements, other Google services and products.

Do you prefer to not use cookies?
Via your browser you can delete or switch of the usage of cookies . You can only do this yourself since cookies are saved on your own computer. In case you do this, it may be though that our website does not fully function.

Cookies of third parties
In case software solutions of third parties make use of cookies, this is mentioned in this privacy statement.


Based on the current Dutch and European legislation, you have certain rights concerning the usage of personal data by ourselves or by others upon our request. Below we gladly explain to you which rights you have and how you can make use of these rights:

Right of insight: You have the right to, whenever you want to, see the data that we use of yourself or data that may be linked to you. In case you want to make use of this right, you can send a request to do this to our contact person for privacy matters. You will then receive a response within 30 days. In case your request is honoured, we will send you a copy of all data including an overview of the processors that have access to the data and the category under which we have saved your data.

Right of correction or deletion
You have the right to, whenever you want to, amend the data that we have or have asked to be processed that are related to yourself or that can be linked to you. You have the right to look at this data, to amend it and to have it deleted. You can do this via the link that we send you on all our e-mail newsletters. You can also request us to do this for you by sending an email to our privacy contact person (see below).

Right of constraint of processing of data
Regarding data of yourself or data that can be linked to you, you have the right to constrain us in the processing or others that process this for us. You can do this via the link that we send you on all our e-mail newsletters. You can also request us to do this for you by sending an email to our privacy contact person (see below).

Right of transferability and/or right of objection
In case you want to make use of the right of transferability or he right of objection or in case you have and other questions or comments we ask you to get into contact with our privacy contact person. Please send a details request so that we will be able to come back to you on this. To make sure that the request is from yourself, we kindly ask you to enclosed a copy of your identification (passport) in your email. Please make sure to black out your photo, MRZ (machine readable zone, the row with numbers at the bottom or your passport), the document number and ‘Burgerservicenummer’ (BSN). This is to protect your privacy.

Parc Broekhuizen will respond as soon as possible and in any case prior to 30 days after receiving your request.

Parc Broekhuizen would like to bring to your attention that you have the possibility to, whenever you feel this is needed, to file a complaint with the legal body, ‘de Nationale Toezichthouder, de Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens’ in case that you suspect that your personal data is used in an incorrect way. You can do this by using the following link:



For Parc Broekhuizen the security of personal data is a serious matter and it is obliged to take appropriate measurements to prevent abuse, loss, un-authorised access, undesirable disclosure and un-authorised changes being made. In case you suspect that your data is not secured properly or in case that you have indications of abuse, please contact our privacy contact person immediately.


We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time. In this document you will find the most up to date version of our privacy policy. In case an amended, new privacy policy has impact on the way that we will treat data that has been saved by us prior, then we will notify you by e-mail.


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Contact person for privacy issues or questions: Anita Bos


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