Meet the team!

Full with ambition and passion.

Thomas Diepersloot

Thomas Diepersloot is the other half of the Parc Broekhuizen dream team and has a lot of experience in various Michelinstarred kitchens. DRAWN TO the exciting, adrenaline-filled environments of Michelin kitchens, Thomas Diepersloot now shares the helm of Voltaire with Robert Poel. “We complement and strengthen each other. We have each other’s back and that’s what makes the relationship so special and long-lasting,” explains the chef. His food is fresh and light, often incorporating Asian flavours and products. His culinary approach reflects the philosophy of one of his teachers, using techniques that add a ‘wow factor’ to the creations.

Robert Poel

He was very young when he started as a student of 3-starred chef Jacob Jan Boerma.  Robert Poel incorporates the philosophy of his mentor at Voltaire, the fine-dining restaurant of Parc Broekhuizen. USING FRESH, seasonal ingredients, either from our own garden or selected personally from local suppliers, Robert Poel is committed to provide guests with an enriched, high-quality experience “with a twist”. He leads a young team with partner and friend, Thomas Diepersloot. Together, the chefs have created their own signature and creative twist on the dishes served at Voltaire, allowing simplicity and composition to meet taste.

Jorick Schipper

Jorick Schipper has become one of the major supportsystem of the Voltaire kitchen. After his education at Restaurant de Leest, the restaurant of Jacob Jan Boerma, Jorick wanted to learn and continue to grow in the kitchen of Voltaire. So far, he has been very succesfull as he became Voltaire’s Junior Souschef, specialized in vegetables on the side which is a specific trade of the Voltaire’s kitchen. Always critical, Jorick never let’s a dish leave the kitchen without his vegetable contribution.

Yvo Kwak

Yvo has clearly found his passion in providing personal, informal yet perfect service to our guests with relentless eye for detail. He has a remarkable talent combining food with wines in such a way that together the combination becomes even better than the two elements seperately. Yvo does his utmost to make you feel at home right fro the minute you arrive and he gladly shares his wine knowledge. The team shares this energy and they all are as commited to give you a fantastic afternoon or evening as he is.

Nils Snitselaar l Junior Sommelier

Nils lives for his passion: wines! He is only 20 years old, but gathered an impressive knowledge of wines. We are proud to have his talent within our team! Nils is eager to learn more and therefore studies WSET (level 3). When he finishes, he is determinded to start the ‘course of Master Sommelier’. Nils: “Passion….? Real pleasure? For me it means to be able to advise our guests when choosing wines. Therefore my work is not a job, it feels like leisure-time to me. Restaurant Voltaire has a young team and I am one of the youngest sommeliers of The Netherlands. This puts me under high pressure to be successful but at the same time this pushes me to grow. My passion of wines and especially those wines that have a story to tell e.g. what makes the vineyard famous. Whenever I serve a glass of these wines, I immediately imagine myself being in the vineyard. I share my knowledge of the soil, the grapes, the weather circumstances and all of the work that has been done to produce the wine. In this way, it allows me to  equaly enjoy the wines served to our guests.


Anita Bos

After being emplyed at a fine selection of hotels, both nationally and internationally, Anita joined Parc Broekhuizen at the end of 2018. Prior to this she was General Manager of the Inter Continental Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam for seven years. When Anita was asked to participate with our Boutique Hotel, she was very impressed by the location, the beautiful nature, the grandeur and level of quality for all details within the estate. Parc Broekhuizen offers so many possibilities that she immediately accepted the challenge to build up image and history of this remarkable estate, situated in the middle of The Netherlands.

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