Meeting at the Parc

Meetings at the 1.5 metre mark will be normal for the time being. Meetings are changing anyway. Digital developments have followed in rapid succession, the meeting ‘landscape’ is shifting. Meetings ‘live’ are about more impact, more about connecting, both with colleagues and with the organisation.

Binding and enthralling are seldom as important as it is now, especially now that the home working situation is set to continue for the foreseeable future. Employees need these meetings for inspiration, motivation and literally to build the team. Meeting ‘live’ becomes teambuilding.

This requires a setting that contributes to a large number of conditions that the present time brings with it. First of all, there must be space, both literally and figuratively, preferably back to basics, the core, our nature. It must be comfortable and evoke a sense of security, and preferably with as few travel movements as possible to avoid contact with many people.

Parc Broekhuizen meets all these requirements and has so much more to offer. In the Carriage House, the air circulation system has been cleaned and certified, destroying any remaining virus up to 99%.

The Carriage House itself is large enough for up to 25 people to participate at 1.5 metres. The mighty nature reserve offers peace and quiet, the hotel with its excellent service can be called more than comfortable, and next to restaurant Voltaire* we have a second restaurant, an approachable bistro, which makes the possibilities for a multi-day stay infinitely variable.

Of course, we have more information, are happy to give advice on a programme to suit your organisation and take care of everything concerning the meeting anno 2021! Mail to or call 0343 74 58 58.

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