Jacob Jan Boerma

Culinary Advisor Restaurant Voltaire

Jacob Jan Boerma has been closely involved with Parc Broekhuizen for years as culinary advisor of Restaurant Voltaire. In 2014, his restaurant ‘De Leest’ in Vaassen was awarded with three Michelin stars. Today Jacob Jan is nationally and internationally involved in a large number of culinary events, restaurants and concepts. Jacob Jan has a bias towards fresh tones, acids and spices. He shared this love with Robert Poel, who was responsible for the kitchen from the opening until December 2021. Robert worked in the kitchen of De Leest for many years before becoming Chef of Restaurant Voltaire. As of January 2022, Arturo Dalhuisen is in charge of the kitchen, who worked with Jacob Jan.

About Arturo Jacob Jan says:
“Of course it is fantastic to be able to work with him in this wonderful restaurant. I am very much looking forward to supporting him and taking the next step.

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