Cleanse – Detox – Activate

The perfect fusion of advanced natural alchemy and cosmetic science. Grown Alchemist formulations represent the unique synergy between biology and cosmetic Chemistry creating bio-compatible beauty. Their natural active ingredients have a molecular structure that the body recognises and therefore utalises to greater effect, increasing efficacy and the anti-aging results. This increased efficacy is a result of their intemational advancements in natural cosmeceutical research representing an new generation of skincare, bodycreme and haircare formulations.

Grown Alchemist efficacious formulas comprise of scientifically advanced natural cell communicating ingredients including Neuro-Peptides, Tetra-Peptides. Tetra-Peptides, Tocotrienols, and advanced Hygroscpic actives that regnerabe beauty with superior results. Their scientifically innovative formules address these negative influences, changing the way the body repairs and regenerabes the skin. These powerful cosmeceuticals promote cellular reneval en repair, cleansing and detoxing, releasing visual vibrancy and health to your skin. Their understanding of cellular reneval and nutriënt metabolisation as well as the protection of your health represents a new evolution of capable healthy skincare.

It was Grown Alchemist’s focus and research discovering cell health that led them to develop their unique skincare system: Cleanse – Detox- Activate Fit healthy cells function at a greater level and empover the skin to perfom more effectively, even when up against the stress of day-to-day exposure and lifestyle. The cells are the foundation of all structure within the body. Healthy cells increase the skin’s ability for self-repair- wich will ultimately lead to the best results.

The Grown Alchemist healthy philosophy is behind every product and their formulations are Cosmos approved and certified by the ACO (Australien Certified Organic). Grown Alchemiste does not test their product and ingredients on animals. Product packaging is made from glass and hardened premium PET plastic, one of the world’s most recycled materials and also the most non leaching and inert. This type of packaging ensures the product remains as healthy and powerful as the day it was created.

Grown Alchemist quote:

‘The brothers, who had for many years developed products for other brands, decided to create their own skincare range with a mandate of using only healthy efficacious ingredients. For more than a decade prior to launch, their research took them around the globe in search of these efficacious ingredients and superior industry expertise Grown Alchemist now proudly boasts team of cosmetic chemists based in Londen, Paris and Australia, all relentlessly in the pursuit of perfect formulas that demonstrate efficacy powerful enough to evolve beauty by transforming your skin, hair texture and appearance’.


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