As of January 2022, Arturo Dalhuisen will be responsible for the kitchen at Restaurant Voltaire. Arturo cooked at Restaurant Daalder and obtained his first Michelin star in The White Room at Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky. He was also sous-chef for 3 years with Jacob Jan Boerma in De Leest ***, won the NK ‘Jonge Koks tot 25 years’ and was one of the young chefs followed in the culinary documentary ‘De Nieuwe Garde’.

Obtaining his first Michelin star at The White Room was inspiring, tasted like more, and strengthened Arturo in his drive to try and obtain a second star. So when the opportunity came across  to take charge of the kitchen at Restaurant Voltaire, he didn’t hesitate for a moment. It was clear that this was the place in the Netherlands where he wanted to realize his dream. The place is so unique and diverse that he could not imagine a better location to create his own signature. A place, moreover, with a historic kitchen garden, where plenty of vegetables, herbs and fruits grow that combine wonderfully with the elegant, light cooking style that is so typical of Arturo.

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