The Gallery

Imagine holding a meeting where you can not only see, but also feel the history of Parc Broekhuizen. The gallery provides just that, with its warm, rich colours and five paintings of the 18th-century artist Willem joseph laquy, depicting five different scenes from the plays of Voltaire, covering the walls. While details of the paintings themselves have been humorously incorporated into the hotel’s branding, in The gallery, they add a sense of formality and grandeur.

This intimate room shares the same luminosity as the rest of the venues and is best suited to work meetings and more corporate affairs. Flipcharts, microphone connection and state-of- the-art 63-inch LED televisions with all the necessary connection options are available for occasions of this kind. Warm and intimate, The gallery is also ideal for private dinners.

Set up Number of persons
Lunch / dinner / meeting (square shaped) 16
Lunch / dinner / vergadering (round table) 14
Reception 25
Theatre 20


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