Shepherd Daniel at Parc Broekhuizen

Sheep and shepherds are inextricably linked to the ‘Utrechtse Heuvelrug’. The first civilizations that built the burial mounds on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug three to five thousand years ago already kept sheep. Over the centuries, these animals have graced the land here. Especially on the ‘desert lands’ as the heaths were then called.

At present, Doorn’s herd of sheep graze on various public and private estates in the region, including at Parc Broekhuizen. It makes a sustainable contribution to the local invironment. The sheep are masters of soil improvement. Grazing keeps weeds of young trees under control. The manure forms natural food for the soil. The sheep carry seeds in their wool, which contributes to the biodiversity. With their hooves they let slammed earth breathe again. They can easily graze in places that are difficult to reach with machines. In all these ways, the animals form a wonderfully sustainable alternative to large, expensive and nature-unfriendly machines. In addition, they naturally bring an extraordinary aesthetic atmosphere with them.

Shepherd Daniel can also be booked for small or big groups, where you learn how to herd sheep yourself and learn about the dynamics within a herd. Send an e-mail to for the possibilities.

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