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Pastoral 2.0 at Parc Broekhuizen

For the coming year, an art route called Pastorale 2.0 is being organized on the Parc Broekhuizen estate. Originally organized from April 14 till begin 2023 , the outdoor exposition continues well into the new year (2023). The estate and surrounding land will feature sculptures that highlight the simple life of modern times. A world of feeling and not thinking. The flight from the civilized world to the natural world. From the world of rules to the world where no rules apply. A place where you learn to see yourself and each other with different eyes.

Pastoralism is pastoral, you are led as a sheep, but in this day and age you really have to do it yourself. On the art route, puzzle pieces will be handed out that are scattered around and can give you insight. It is our goal to give you another framework, to look at Parc Broekhuizen with a new view and, after staying there, also the world and the time that lies before and behind you.

After the time of using nature, we move to a time of embracing nature to learn to see again. Together we will reconsider and look at the world with new eyes. We need nature and art, equally, to pick up the thread reborn. Not elitist, not pompous but approachable and nonchalant we let ourselves be led. We flee temporarily in order to return with new energy, new insights and feeling. Modern city-dwellers who return to nature and culture in order to return as a better person and rebuild the world. Walking, talking, enjoying and using all our senses.

Who is the shepherd? Perhaps you are if you have visited the exhibition at Parc Broekhuizen and return enlightened. In love with the world. Leaving behind gloom and darkness and defeated. Original, old and new, young and old. Unbiased. No prior knowledge required. If you can feel you are ready.

Pastorale 2.0 is hopefully the beginning of a periodic visual arts event. Sculpture is the main focus of Pastorale 2.0, but through a side program attention will also be given to poetry, literature and music. During the special events there will also be attention for the inner human, food and drink, and celebrating life.


During the sculpture route, there are two different concerts. From November on, the exposition will continue without the concerts.

Michiel Borstlap

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