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A historical, yet at the same time new, modern, designed, boutique hotel | Restaurant Voltaire | Bistro LOF that opened in December 2016 with the vision to bring a new style of hospitality, cuisine and quality to Dutch hospitality while ‘staying at the Parc’.

Parc Broekhuizen contains 22 special Suites and Rooms located in the Main House and the Carriage House, Restaurant Voltaire, Bistro LOF, (which has been awarded its first Michelin star in December 2018), 5 beautiful Salons (for intimate events up to 150 guests) and our historical Carriage House (for events up to 400 guests).

The mentioning of the location dates back to the 12th century when wealthy business men from Amsterdam discovered the tranquil and inspiring beauty of its surroundings so close to the city and built their second homes here. See our historical section for many more details.
The estate underwent a large restauration process as off 2012 and was opened at the end of 2016; easy accessible and centrally located from all sides of the country as well as Belgium, Germany, UK etc. It became an icon for quality seeking guests who find inspiration in the historical details that are complemented beautifully with modern art and intriguing new design as well as food lovers who value every detail of our great cuisine, wine list and dedicated services. Only after 2 years of opening, Parc Broekhuizen already placed its footmark and is known for its personal, informal although very attentive service and relaxing atmosphere where you will feel special from the moment you see the main building appearing in the distance looking along the lengthy drive way in front. We take great pride in the saying of our regular guests mentioning the special experience of ‘staying at the Parc’.

Location: In the middle of the Country, good accessibility and located near the A12 motorway.

Only 45 minutes away from Amsterdam, 1 hours from Schiphol Airport, 1 hour from The Hague, 15 minutes from Utrecht and Arnhem, you will find our Parc Broekhuizen estate in the middle of the country, on the beautiful Utrechtse Heuvelrug nature reserve. Therefore the location is more than suitable to every event, meeting or appointment for which guests from different parts of The Netherlands participate.
The unique setting amidst the large area of the century old forest, offers every opportunity for walking, hiking, biking as well as playing golf on the nearby (8 km) 27 hole Anderstein Golf Course.

While leaving the highway, you are immediately surrounded by nature, typical country roads, small villages full of traditions and after following this road for about 10 minutes, you will feel the bustling city sounds and hectic life falling away. After driving for 10 minutes, you will suddenly see the surprisingly buildings of our estate appearing. Then after following our entry gateway, you will enter a different area in which you will find inspiration in every way.

Bistro LOF

About Bistro LOF

LOF is stated as a bistro. But not a regular one. Out of the old, monumental farm right next to the Orangerie, a stunning restaurant concept was created, which combines a lovely history with a 21st century setting. A new, poetic sphere has risen between the historic castlewall, the Orangerie, the recently restored original kitchengarden and the beautiful terrace, which was set at the beginning of the dream, back in 2016. Being our guest, you wunder arround this beautiful spot of the estate, surrounded by known and unknown vegetables, eatable flowers and herbs and spices, just waiting for our chefs to be handpicked and harvested. The distance between kitchengarden and actual kitchen is nearly 10 meters, you can’t get much fresher and sustainable vegetables than that! Paradise on earth!

The chef

Seventeen years, Ewout Eleveld refined his qualities within the art ot the sourish, bitterly, fresh and sweets in the kitchen of restaurant de Leest*** in Vaassen owned by Jacob Jan Boerma and Kim Veldman. First class gastronomy. Ewout; ‘a glorious time! I had a background role at the Leest, so it is fantastic to have the possibility to get the front row seat and predominate’.

What will be on the menu?

Simple and honest dishes. The quality is in the preperation, not the cultivation of the dishes, as we had in restaurant the Leest. What we have is a nice charcuterie and snacks on the menu. We have a lunch and dinner menu, compliant with all kinds of price ranges. You can walk in here for a cop of coffee with applepie or my interpretation of the classic eclair. But you can also enjoy a 3-course dinner for € 39,00, the price of a Bib Gourmand menu. I am allowed to create a kind of livingroom, were everybody can walk in and join! Remember the joie de vivre of a Paris bistro in combination with the serenity of Scandinavia.

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