Meet the team Bistro Lof.

Ewout Eleveld

For seventeen years Ewout Eleveld mastered the higher arts of sour, bitter, fresh and sweet at three-star restaurant De Leest in Vaassen by Jacob Jan Boerma and Kim Veldman. The premier league of gastronomy. “A top time”, he says. “Always giving everything for that one goal: The fight for the second Michelin star and after that the third. He describes his time at De Leest as a way of life. “I learned a lot from Jacob Jan. Recognize and respect quality. To know why one bean is tastier than another. Thinking creatively. Travelling a lot. Eating a lot. Fantastic, unfamiliar products tasting.


What is it like to determine everything yourself at LOF?
“I still get goose bumps every day from the fact that I get a lot of freedom and opportunities to build this from the ground up. I’m involved in everything: the wine list, the staff, the music, the house style. And that’s a lot of fun. My role in De Leest was in the background. Fine, but it’s great to get the space to step into the foreground now”.

And create your own menu.
“Yeah, really great. I’m looking forward to what I see on this estate. Cherry trees, pear trees, apple trees, raspberries, buckthorn berries, blueberries, figs, cranberries, mushrooms from the forest… everything grows here. Fantastic anyway.”

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