Body treatments at Parc Broekhuizen

Joke Spruit offers wonderful relaxation massages on our estate. We would be happy to look at a suitable massage for you.

Our specialist offers the following body treatments at Parc Broekhuizen:

Relaxation massage ( 60 or 90 minutes )
During the relaxation massage, the muscles are massaged by means of stroking movements, so that the muscles can relax, blood circulation is stimulated and waste can flow away. You can choose from a total body massage or a massage of a specific part of the body, such as the neck/shoulder area, the back or head and face.

Ayuvedic marma massage (90 minutes)
Prior to the massage, a questionnaire is used to determine which of the Doshas (vata, pitta, kapha) are currently out of balance, which we call the Vikruti. During the Ayuvedic massage, the whole body is massaged. The pressure and speed of the massage is adjusted based on your Vikruti. The marma points in your body are also treated. The marma points are located at places where muscles, nerves, lymph and energy channels come together. Waste products accumulate here and by massaging them loose by means of a massage. a pressure point technique allows the waste to be removed.

The massage ensures relaxation of the muscles, stimulation of the lymphatic system and blood circulation, the energy sources are opened again and the energetic blockages are also lifted. As a result, your life energy can flow through you better and the self-healing ability of the body is activated. In addition, your mind will also relax and you will experience a feeling of total relaxation.

60 minute massages: €85.00
90 minute massages: €115.00

The treatments take place in your hotel room or (during the summer) in the garden house on the edge of the terrace, next to the pond. For more information: 0343 – 745858 or


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