Laura Meddens

Exposition “Bezieling”

The Art Within Laura Meddens

From 5 February to 31 March, the Coach House of Parc Broekhuizen will be the setting for the exposition BEZIELING by visual artist Laura Meddens.

When you stand at a distance in front of one of the abstract paintings by Laura Meddens and slowly move closer, it’s a bit like stepping into a deeper dimension of colors, shapes and textures. Sometimes you think you see faces, other times animals, or planets. Nothing makes Laura happier than hearing from people who make shared and individual discoveries because many perceptions resonate with something personal in their own lives.

But the one thing they all share is astonishment when they find out that the artist is blind, and cannot see her own finished works.

For Laura Meddens, the canvas is like a freeze-frame of the remarkable visualizations she ‘sees’ in her ‘mind’s eye’ that come from her heart and soul, fueled by the energies of people around her. The Dutch word that best describes it is ‘bezieling’ for which there is no simple English translation. But she has chosen it as the title for her upcoming exhibition from 05 February through 31 March in the Carriage Hall at historic country-estate-turned Boutique Hotel Parc Broekhuizen in Leersum. For Laura, it has special significance, because in her archive of visual memories, she remembers skating as a young girl on the frozen pond behind what was then known as the National Institute for Nature Management on an estate dating back to 1408, and which was declared a National Monument in 1967.

You can have an opportunity to meet Laura and see her paintings from near and afar as she curates them with regular get-togethers at Parc Broekhuizen. And you can learn more about her in advance on her website, particularly in the video at the top of her Home page. For more information about dates and times, please visit:

Click on home to go to Laura Meddens her website.



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