Kitchen Garden

Looking at old pictures of our estate, we discovered a kitchengarden surrounding the pond, right next to the ancient stone wall and in front of the farmhouse. In the spring of 2020, on that exact spot, we planted our new kitchengarden.

Having their own kitchengarden has always been a great wish of our Chefs, Arturo Dalhuisen and Ewout Eleveld. Since the kitchengarden is a reality, every day the Chefs, or one of the teammembers, are bussy gathering herbs, fruits and ingrediënts for their beautiful dishes or homemade lemonade, tea or for breakfast purposes.


Quotes with regards to the kitchengarden (from both our Chefs and guests)

  • vormt elke dag een bron van inspiratie
  • every day a source of inspiration
  • is een heerlijke plek om rond te lopen, te proeven en te ruiken
  • lovely place to walk around, endulge your sences
  • as fresh as can be
  • smaakexplosies
  • explosion of taste
  • wat een genot om elke dag mee te mogen werken
  • what a joy to work with such fresh products every day
  • pure emotie
  • pure emotion
  • Een oude traditie in eer hersteld

An old tradition has been restored with great honour

Besides the current 72 growingbeds full of well known and rare herbs, vegetables and fruits, the estate has a lot to offer. Just take a walk and discover for example all the beautiful other products you can find in our kitchen, such as:

In de moestuin o.a.

  • Oesterblad
  • Oyster leaf
  • Schildzuring
  • Shield sorrel
  • Groene shiso
  • Green shiso
  • Citrus afrikaantjes (blad en bloem)
  • Citrus Africa
  • Klaver zuring
  • Clover sorrel
  • Bonenkruid
  • Savory
  • Japanse peterselie
  • japanese parsley
  • Cranberries
  • idem
  • Cassis bessen
  • Casis berry
  • Frambozensoorten
  • Various raspberry
  • Duindoornbes
  • Bucktornberry
  • Diverse slasoorten
  • Lettuche varieties

Also, to be found in the wild at the Parc:

  • Das look zelfde
  • Hondsdraf
  • Ground ivy
  • Vlierbes
  • elderberry
  • Watermunt
  • Water mint
  • Waterpeper
  • Water pepper
  • Dag koekoeksbloem
  • ?? cuckoo flower
  • Duizendblad
  • Yarrow
  • Scala aan paddenstoelen
  • A full range of mushrooms

Imkerij Broekhuizen

Passionate about bees, this couple living in Doorn has a great love of nature and honeybees. They installed two apiaries on the grounds of the estate. These bees, called Buckfast, produce honey for our Voltaire kitchen.

You can also find a botanical garden, called the Londotuin, named after the founder mr Ger Londo. This garden is managed by a group of vollunteers of the foundation Dorp en Natuur Leersum-Amerongen.


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