Jazz and Wine

Jazz and Wine is a concert as the name suggests “A heavenly combination where you can enjoy three excellent wines and their underlying story, immersed in a Jazz concert”.

During Jazz and Wine you will be introduced to three beautiful wines and their underlying story accompanied by blissful jazz from the band the “Jazz heren”.  Each glass is complemented with a small dish to do the wine full justice.

Jazz and Wine is entertainment for the epicurean.

After a four-year tour in Dutch theaters, initiator Joyce Stevens thought it was time to seek out the intimacy of exclusive restaurants and special locations; Joyce Stevens: “Jazz and wine have a common denominator, they are both created by improvisation. That’s with wine; the winemaker’s response to the weather and changing climate. And with jazz music: the talent and genius interplay of musicians. This infinite unpredictable variation often unfolds into a mesmerizing result. This is what inspired me to give this heavenly combination a stage”.

On Sunday afternoon, April 3th, 2022 (15:30 until 17:00), Jazz and Wine Concert by Joyce Stevens will take place in the coach house of our Culinary Estate. For more information and tickets click here.

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