Both inside the hotel and the surrounding buildings you will find historic and modern art treasures. This inspired to add an art program with various art exhibitions. As of March 2020, every 6-8 weeks we exhibite some selected collections of various artists. The name of this programme is ‘Art at the Parc’.

Art at the Parc Agenda

Masha Trebukova | April 3th
Michèl Poort | February until March
Simon Adjiashvili | September 12th until November 19th 2022
Mart Visser | November 11th 2022 until January 31th 2023
Iris le Rütte | November 17th 2021 until march 31th 2022
Paulien Huizinga | August 16th 2021 until March 31th 2022
Atolty | December 15th 2020 until August 15th 2021
Rien Bekkers | September 1st  2020 until August 15th 2021
Han Ebbelaar | July 1st  2020 until September 1st  2020
Laura Meddens | February 5th 2020 until March 31st 2020

Masha Trebukova
From Monday 3 April 2023, a new art exhibition by artist Masha Trebukova will be on display at the Parc. This unique exhibition is part of the art programme Art at the Parc at Culinary Estate Parc Broekhuizen. We are proud of our collaboration through which work can be viewed in the Main House, Coach House and Bistro LOF.
Born and raised in Moscow, Masha graduated from the Surikov Art Academy in Fine Arts and Printing in 1986 and has lived and worked in Amsterdam since 1990. She has organised many exhibitions nationally and internationally and her work is highly appreciated worldwide. The works Trebukova is exhibiting at the Parc are part of ‘Celebrating Colour’, a colourful and imaginative exhibition. More background information can be found on the website

Michèl Poort.
For a month, the Parc will be dedicated to the work of artist Michèl Poort.
His special work is all about the heart with heart creations of ceramics, wood and glass and digital works, among others. For Michèl, the heart is his life’s work: “For me as an artist, the heart is the most beautiful form within which anything is possible. This is where I can be and that is what I like to share”. In this exhibition, discover his ‘heartbeats’, a retrospective of the heart that makes everything beat again. Poort’s exhibition is part of Parc Broekhuizen’s art programme Art at the Parc where work will be on display at the Coach House, the hotel, Restaurant Voltaire and Bistro LOF.


Mart Visser
Mart Visser, as a renowned couturier and fashion designer, needs no introduction. What is less known is the fact that he is also an artist. He is particularly touched by the expression of the face. The portraits of impressive heads, heads and facial expressions that Visser paints are rough and abstract in design, this in stark contrast to the delicate design of his haute couture. As in his fashion collections, midnight blue, dark orange, ochre and grayish tones dominate his portraits.

During the exhibition at Parc Broekhuizen, Visser presents new, unique work that has never been shown before. In the spring of 2022, there will be a retrospective exhibition of Mart Visser’s work from the past five years at Museum Voorlinden.
More about Mart Visser Art

Iris le Rütte
Exhibits from November 17, 2021 until January 15, 2021 – Main House & in the gardens of our estate

Iris Le Rütte is a visual artist and poet. Her work is seen as semi-realistic and fairy-like. With Henk Visch, Tom Claassen and others, she belongs to the artists of the new figuration: the narrative and the symbol in the visual arts. Le Rütte designed many monumental sculptures for public spaces in the Netherlands and abroad, and received various cultural awards, such as the Heldring Prize from NRC Handelsblad and the IJ Prize from PwC and the municipality of Amsterdam. Her work is in the collection of companies, including Ahold and Akzo Nobel. Her book ‘Ik dicht je bij me’, with her own poems and drawings, reached its seventh edition in a short time. She had solo exhibitions in museums, such as Beelden aan Zee and Singer Laren. Her sculpture series on the roof of the OLVG hospital in Amsterdam was nominated for the Elisabeth van Thüringen Prize.

Paulien Huizinga
Exhibition from August 26, 2o21 until January  2022 – Main House, Carriage House & Bistro LOF

Paulien Huizinga (born Deventer, 1971) started her career as television repoter but found her true passion in photography, Wat started out as a hobby, turned into a discovery during her pre-studies at the Photo Academy. Photographing really moved her and she knew she was on the right path. A lot of practise and making mistakes, standing up again and trying over and over again.

Because, she had a dream!

Years later, she ownes her own studio in Blaricum and exhibits her work worldwide, both Paris, Milan and L.A. Paulien’s work mostly characterizes itself by strong women showing their vulnerabilty. Sensuality, sexuality, shapes and curves, you will disover them all in her creations, but above all, she feels the need to share her journey in search for the Aphrodite in every woman she has in front of her camera. Aphrodite, the godess of love, beauty and sensuality, but never a victim of who she is or who ever crosses her path.

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