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Atolty’s comments about the exhibition ‘Memories of Tomorrow’ currently available at the Carriagehouse of Parc Broekhuizen:

“In the Carriagehouse of Parc Broekhuizen I had the pleasure to decorate a kind of ‘wunderwall’ with my recent work. It has become a wall with several paintings which I painted spontaniously and impulsively, to express my feelings during the first Corona period, so called ‘wunderwall’.

I draw my inspiration from discarded artwork, because they have been already crafted and therefor more authentic. I find them at thriftstores, as garbage on the street or left as bulky waste. The old canvaspaintings are often damaged, broken, cracked, ruined, affected, ripped and become almost invisible yellowed oil paintings, on which sometimes a bit of a crumbled image is still visible.

For me, utmost usable, because I want to recreate them, give them a stage and a new life. It also becomes a sustainable series of art.

The new series is called ‘Memories of tomorrow’.

The title says something about my childhood memories. Very positive memories which I placed in the future to overcome the negative vibe this covid-19 period brings, because I don’t know when this difficult and hard times will end. It resulted in a large number of artworks, full of dots, lines, scrapes and signs. The preference for signs is traceable to my childhood, were I grew up in the Antilles. I remember being impressed by  a lot of indefinable abstract indiansigns which were found at the caves of Hato. Signs can be a start or an ending, a mark on the horizon or a change of scenery. They can be the beginning of a sentence  or the end of one, they can symbolise life and death. This is how abstractness becomes reality.”

Atolty biography

Atolty is a pseudonyme for Rupert van Woerkom. Working and living in Amsterdam, but originally from Curacao, were he spent his childhood. The island plays an important role in his work. The signs, scrapes and abstract pictures form a personal language in paint, which he developed  and also inspired by the ocean, the cliffs and also the Caribean cave drawings who were painted by the Indians, the original inhabitants of the island.

As there are no universities on the island, he moved to The Netherlands and went to college. After college, he worked in advertisement, first as a copywriter, later on he wrote scripts for television (among others for Sesamestreet) and radio. He also wrote the successful rockmusical ‘Kinderen Bestaan Niet’. He worked as an editor and creative director for various magazines, working for the Telegraaf Tijdschriften Groep. He received a Mercur d’Or (the Oscars for magazine makers) for his work in 2001. After that, he established a name as Atolty. A pseudonyme to avoid cross reference with his magazine career. Alolty is an acronym and stands for Across The Oceans Love To You, which his father used to sign his loveletters during his travels abroad.

Over the years Atolty was part of several group exhibitions. His work is presently displayed in Zutphen (solo) and Amsterdam. Atolty’s work is part of both domestic and abroad personal collections. The current exhibition at Parc Broekhuizen is his fourth big solo exhibition.

Rien Bekkers

Exhibition from September first till December first.

Both inside the hotel and the surrounding buildings you will find historic and modern art treasures. This inspired to add an art program with various art exhibitions. As of March 2020, every 6-8 weeks we exhibite some selected collections of various artists. The name of this programm? ‘Art at the Parc’. With pride we introduce the unique costume designs of Rien Bekkers.

With a background as a costume designer for theatre and opera, I design costume-objects. Without the moving actor or singer, a costume becomes an artobject. Frtom a fantasy, interest in the material and love for craftmanship, there comes a shape, atmosphere and figure of which I hope will give you some wonder and intrique. It comes about gradually and experimentally. Various artistic traditions from my own country and other cultures are a source of inspiration to me. The design comes from relative simple with lines and colours to very abundant. There is always an element of sculpture and absurdism which stimulates my imagination searching for timelessness.

1967-1972 / Tekenacademie, Tilburg Drawing academy
1972-1976 / Fashion Design, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam
1976-1980 / Assistent-kostuumontwerper RO-Theater, Rotterdam  Assistant costumedesigner
1979-1989 / Docent modeontwerp, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam teacher fashiondesign
1999- / Docent Costume Design, Academie voor Beeldende Kunst / Toneelschool Maastricht

Since 1980 independent costume designer for large and small subsidized groups in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with prominent Dutch directors.

Costumes, designed for more than 180 theater, ballet and opera shows for:
Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Het Nationaal Theater, Den Haag
De Nationale Reisopera, Enschede
Het Muziektheater Transparant, Antwerpen
Dansgezelschap Krisztina de Chatel
Schiller Theater, Berlijn
Koninklijk Vlaams Theater, Brussel
Koninklijk Nederlands schouwburg ,Antwerpen
Deutsches Theater, Berlijn
De film Erik of The Small Insect Book
De Nederlandse Opera, Amsterdam
Staatstheater Hannover, Hannover
Staatsoper Mannheim, Mannheim

2005 Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede, Nederland
2006 ABP Heerlen, Nederland
2006 Theaterinstituut Nederland, Amsterdam, Nederland
2007 Eervolle scenograaf op PQ 07, Praag
2009 Lock Museum Seoul, Korea
2013 State Theatrical Museum A.A.Bakhrushin, Moskou, Rusland
2015 Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam, Nederland
2016 Museum de Bevelanden, Goes, Nederland
2016 West Friesch Museum, Hoorn, Nederland
2017 Museum de Bevelanden, Goes, Nederland
2018 TonyRaka galerij Ubud, The Epic kostuumontwerp, een project van Alex Vermeulen, Bali, Indonesië
2019 Erasmushuis, The Epic kostuumontwerp, project van Alex Vermeulen, Jakarta, Indonesië
Galerie 238 Amsterdam 2019

Leon van der Linden

Exhibition from November first till December 15th 2020 (due to Covid-19 the exhibition is postponed till August 2021)

Born: Utrecht, 1953

Education: self made man

Leon started his carreer as a professional wild life artist in 1980. He started out as a painter of European and North American nature and animal painter, after that, his interest shifted to animals who are not that obvious for most people. In 2006 he started portraiting  Asian and African hornbills.

After that, Leon got excided by birds of paradise. Specially the birds of paradise living in New Guinea, one of the last undiscovered parts of the world, will form the buildingstone of his artistic career as a painter.

His painting styel is realistic. After working with gouache in his earlier years, he now prefers acrylic  or oilbased paint. The best description of his work would be ‘a search for a shape of realism, combined with artistic freedom and science’.

Leon: Before I start to paint, I allready painted the picture in my head. I can walk around for years with several ideas, but often I don’t act upon it. It’s like the picture is not finished yet, it’s just like good wine, sometimes you need to let it mature.

Exhibitions: several leading museums and art galeries, both foreign and domestic exhibit his work. Like the American Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, known for his prestigious ‘Birds of Art’ event, were he exhibited seven times.

Leon van der Linden was rewarded on several occasions for example:

  • “Award of Excellence”:  Society of Animals Artists, U.S.A.
  • Award for “Best Artist of the Year 2015 of Asia” in Singapore

Pauline Huizinga

Exhibition starts first of  March till May 1st 2021

Paulien Huizinga (born Deventer, 1971) started her career as television repoter but found her true passion in photography, Wat started out as a hobby, turned into a discovery during her pre-studies at the Photo Academy. Photographing really moved her and she knew she was on the right path. A lot of practise and making mistakes, standing up again and trying over and over again.

Because, she had a dream!

Years later, she ownes her own studio in Blaricum and exhibits her work worldwide, both Paris, Milan and L.A. Paulien’s work mostly characterizes itself by strong women showing their vulnerabilty. Sensuality, sexuality, shapes and curves, you will disover them all in her creations, but above all, she feels the need to share her journey in search for the Aphrodite in every woman she has in front of her camera. Aphrodite, the godess of love, beauty and sensuality, but never a victim of who she is or who ever crosses her path.  

Exhibition starts first of  July till September 1st 2020

Ebbelaar danced most of his career with his wife Alexandra Radius. As a ballet duo they became famous around the world and in 1989 they received the VSCD Oeuvre award. After his ballet career, he became Vice President of the National Ballet. After that, he started with his other passion, painting. His work is exhibited in the Carriagehouse as of July 1st till September 1st.

Laura Meddens

The exhibition BEZIELING (INSPIRATION) was shown last February and March in the Carriagehouse of Parc Broekhuizen.

When you look from a distance, the semi-abstract paintings of Laura Meddens appear from another dimension, specially when you slowly come closer. This dimension has other colours, shapes and shadows. Sometimes you seef aces, other have animals or planets. Nothing makes Laura happier than hear from her audience that they have, sometimes deep, personal visual discoveries, when watching her paintings carefully. But there is one thing everybody is really surprised about, the artist is blind. For Laura Meddens is what appears on a painting a momentum of special images which she observes from within, her ‘eyes’ of her heart and soul. Laura is nurtured by the energy of nature and the people around her. Inspiration is the word she likes to use for this nurturing. Inspiration is also the name of the exhibition which took place from February and March 2020 on a historical place, the Carriagehouse of Parc Broekhuizen, Leersum. The estate, established in 1408 is a special place for Laura. As young girl she skated a lot on the pond behind the main house as well as the many little ditches surrounding the Castle, which became a National Monument in 1967.

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